Need help deciding on (2) 10s & enclosure


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May 29, 2018
Pittsburgh, PA
Ok guys I'm currently running a Sundown SD3 12" in a 1.25cu/ft ported box tuned to 32-33hz. It's a prefab Audio Enhancers box, powered by a JBL GTR1001 @4ohms4ohms, so it's seeing somewhere between 700-800 watts. Sub sounds good, pretty clean, but doesn't really dig the lows and just isnt loud enough for me. 

I was absent from audio from about 2008 till last November when I found my old school 15L7 in my moms garage and decided to throw it in my Escalade.  Then went with the SD3 when I got my Silverado. Anyway I just got my fiance an 18' GMC Terrain Denali & she wants a sub . She likes the way the SD3 sounds so decided I could give it to her w/ the JBL GTR1001, put it in a different box & she's good to go.

So that leaves me with picking out a new setup. Right now I'm thinking about going with (2) 10s. If I raise my seats I know I can get 2.0+ cubes for a ported box. My current list is:

- Incriminator Audio Lethal Injection

- Fi SSD

- Dayton HO or Ultimax


- Ampere Audio 2.5 RVE

- Soundqubed HDC3.1 or HDS3.1

- DC M2 Level 3

- Crescendo Forte

- Sundown SA

That's my list right now. I know it's a wide range. I want something that will get loud and go low (I know they're 10s) not planning on competing with this setup so I dont need dbdrag loud, but I'd like to have something that when I really want to crank it its gonna make u cover ur ears. I used to have a 04' RE SX 15" that would do mid 140s on the TL, just to give you guys an idea of what my ears consider loud. Again dont need it to be that loud as its gonna be a daily driver so I want something loud that still sounds very good, musically accurate, but if I can get the best of both worlds...

Last & just as important is there anyone who could design me a box? I'm willing to pay if necessary. Again it's a 2018 Chevy Silverado Double Cab, want it ported, fit under the seats and if possible front firing (seems like front fire yields best results in trucks from what I've read) 

Here's some pics of the kind of box I'm looking for, for 2 10s obviously. Thanks guys, I appreciate it!




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