Need help choosing the right HO ALT


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Nov 22, 2015
Honolulu, hi
Hey guys need help picking out a HO ALT since I really don’t know too much about them so here it is

Singer Alt gave me price of $499 specs:

MDL(240A peak) IDLE-160A (260A)

US Alternator $699 specs:

285A Peak 250A(hot)

 that’s the info they gave to me about the Alts... 

it be helpful if someone could explain what would be better choice thanks!



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Mar 11, 2015
Can't go wrong with either (currently running Singer 275A alt for 3 years with no issues). US alternators is like Singer in the sense that it's a one man operation. US alternator hasn't been around long so there's not tons of reviews but the reviews/benchmarks so far have been great 

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