Need custom enclosure builder in LA


Nov 17, 2016
Los Angeles, CA
Any of you know of any other custom enclosure builder in the LA area that won't [email protected] me on price? I've contacted cscstang but didn't get a response back. Nothing against him, seen his work and actually following him on IG, but I'm guessing he's very busy which is a good thing since he needs to make money.

Trying to get a custom sealed enclosure for a 10" Eclipse 88100 Aluminum sub. Looking at 1 cubic foot sealed. Nothing too fancy. Read that the sub works and sounds better on a sealed box.

Don't want to build since I don't want to spend the extra money on tools and equipment when I'll only be using it once. And to be honest, I'm not good w/ my hands when it comes to building stuff. Destroying stuff I can do, building stuff, nope.

Don't want to go to a shop since the ones I've contacted are charging me at least a minimum of $350 for a sealed enclosure.



Jan 8, 2017
man thats crazy., peeps get nice ported boxes made for 15s for less.. u could get gp audio to make u one and ship to u less than that., he said they do ported 12 box to me $200..



Hurtin' feelings errrday.
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Jul 24, 2005
Chris(CSCStang) is extremely busy I heard between working long hours at work and building enclosures. He's a nice guy trust me. He's the best around....when your the best, your constantly busy. I'm sure he doesn't mean to ignore ya.....could always try Facebook to, send a message to him on there.


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