Need advice. how to wire my speakers to amp

bluffum Newbie
Jul 8, 2019
installing a better setup in my 1986 cutlass and don't understand the best way to hook up my speakers to the amp.

Deck..Kenwood DDX470
Amp..Crunch V Drive DRA1050.4 1000w

I will be installing 2 Kicker CSC 3.5 in dash 4ohm 90 peak 30rms
2 kicker CSC 6.5 4ohm 300peak 100rms in EACH door for a total of 4
2 kicker csc 6.5 in rear side panels
and have 2 kicker ks 4x10 4ohm 150 peak 75rms in rear deck.

How do I hook this up to the amp? 3.5s to the deck and run the 4 door speakers back to the amp as well as the 4 rears?


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