My 1st build on my own


Mar 13, 2019
Omaha NE
So guys I've been researching this build for about 8 months now because I was learning at the same time. I'm going with 2 jl audio slash/500 amps (because I already own them), 2 12 in. kicker Q subs ( I know they'll be underpowered but jl amps are underrated any way so I should be fine I'm thinking closer to 600 watts rms the subs are 850 watts rms), ported box, I already have alpine r-s69 6x9's and alpine r-s65c.2 components, I'll be adding a alpine R-A60F 4 channel amp (hopefully I can catch a deal on one somewhere they're kinda pricey) to my interiors. I would love some opinions on whether I'm underpowering the subs to much and power options extra battery, bass cap or, H.O alternator (from a financial/performance standpoint). I plan on building an amp rack I've never done that before (I could use some help with that). my car is an 1999 oldsmobile eighty-eight anniversary edition if that can give you an idea of the space I'm working with. I ordered knu konceptz power wire (for my big 3), power block pos and neg., battery terminals, pin connectors etc. I went with them because I already have their wire installed and it works just fine. I have some of these pieces already so I'm open to any opinions, concerns, or ideas as far as underpowering the subs, power options (basically which should I go with or what power combination I should use) and amp rack ideas I'm literally in the have no idea what to do category on this one.
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