Secondary battery questions.

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Jul 16, 2019
Current setup

03 Lexus GS300
OEM autozone standard grade battery
200Amp ebay alt. (Made/remanned in USA)
Kenwood Excelon DDX795 HU
Pioneer D8604 for mid/highs (100x4 @ 4ohm, according to dyno of model it's closer to 125x4)
Nvx components up front
Machete 1500.1
DB Apocalypse 12 SA27 x1 (wired at 1ohm), custom 1.75cu/ft ported box tuned to 32hz (according to seller).
GP 'merica' wire 1/0 throughout, including big 3

I've nearly ran out of budget for now, trying to stay under 300-400ish range to add a secondary batter to trunk to help with voltage drop, lights dimming. (Counts wiring fuses and battery isolator)

Plan down the road is to change out the Machete 1500.1 amp for a Taramps 3000.1 @ 1 ohm, but I want to get the rest of my power issues sorted out first.

Budget battery wise, i was looking at the
Duracell AGM Deep Cycle Marine and RV Battery - Group Size 31, retails for 180$ at Sams Club

100 amp hour rate:110
Battery Electrolyte Composition:Glass Mat
BCI Group Size:31
CCA at 0 degrees F:800
MCA at 32 degrees F:1000
Minutes at 15 amps:348
Minutes at 25 amps:210
Minutes at 5 amps:1265
Minutes at 50 amps:87.4
Minutes at 75 amps:53
Minutes at 8 amps:706
Polarity:Left Positive
Reserve Capacity:200
Terminal Type:STUD/SAE

Would this be a decent budget choice? If i do go with the 3000.1 taramps, id end up upgrading another of thse, plus probably add a northstar agm24 for primary. (down the road)
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Jul 16, 2019
New question.

I park my car down in southern Louisiana for work, like 3-6 weeks at a time, if running a primary and secondary, do I need a battery isolator for the two batteries?

Would automotive circuit breakers or a 200+amp battery switch be an option to separate the batteries if needed when car is parked for a few weeks. Or would it just be as easy to pop hood and lift the wires from the front and back battery real fast and put them in a rubber cover until i get back to the car? Just trying to weight options if I need to separate the batteries for a long period.


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May 27, 2015
irvine, ca
From what I read the Brazilians draw less amps to provide the watts they do, which is a plus. X2 on a sams club, swap that front with a 24 and put a 31 in the back

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Jul 16, 2019
Speaking of Taramps, does anyone know which 4ga to 1/0 reducer for connecting up the amp, that is a confirmed fit? I have seen personally and heard online about certain reducers not fitting.

I want to run 1/0 straight off battery (fused of course) to the reducer, just to make sure I've got plenty of headroom wire wise.

Also fusing question
Taramps HD 3000.1
  • Maximum Musical Power: @ 12.6VDC: 150.5A
  • Maximum Sine Signal Consumption: @ 12.6 VDC: 301A
What amperage of fuse will I want to run from secondary battery to the single amp for this? I was thinking ANL 175amp does that seem adaquate?

Main 1/0 power line going back from front of car is currently an ANL 200 amp fuse for roughly a 180 amp max load now, would i want to take that to a 250amp fuse considering the 60 from pioneer amp, and adding whatever the Taramps would put down?

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Jun 28, 2019
Speaking of Taramps, does anyone know which 4ga to 1/0 reducer for connecting up the amp, that is a confirmed fit?
I just received my Taramps 3000.1 and am using 0 gauge. I just cut the strands until it was a perfect fit. Although I wont be getting near the limits of 0 gauge current transfer I am only running 1k RMS.

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