FOR SALE Morel Virtue 602 component set

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Aug 29, 2021
$ 350
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I bought these last June, i pulled them out of my totalled vehicle. i don't have grills, so you get the woofers, tweeters with cups and crossovers. I did drill a couple holes in the cups and trimmed plastic to fit my tweeter location but everything works as new. Paid $549 will let them go for $350


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Oct 18, 2005
You must post pictures with username and date (on a piece of paper, a digital version will not be suffecient) unless you have sold to at least 10 people on this forum with positive results. Pictures of the actual item in your possession is still required.

Joselr Newbie
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Aug 29, 2021
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I do still have these, I have to post the updated pictures when I get a chance

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