Louisiana Box Builder & Mobile Installer here.

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Dec 26, 2011
Lafayette/New Iberia Louisiana
Whats up everyone...Im a homebased installer and box builder in Lafayette/New Iberia area. I have a shop at my house and Im also a licensed dealer. I do not stock products other than installation and custom fabrication. But if anyone needs assistance, help, advice, etc etc...feel free to contact me...this is a money making hobby for me not a get rich commercial business...I am available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, If I answer my phone, Its gravy lol, if not leave a message and i will get back with you... Im the best (and only) place to come when your out partying or jammin in the middle of the night on a weekday / weekend and you blew an amp or popped all your fuses, looking for something used to get you by, or just picked up a sweet sub deal at circle K and you need a box or want it installed....look me up!



Jan 13, 2012
Hey couple things, I live in Breaux Bridge, getting one 12" orion hcca and i will need a box built, it will be for my 2009 dodge crew cab, basically wanting a box for the rear seat, in the center, from floor to seat ported, basically a center console box but for the rear. Per orion the face of box needs to be 1", any idea of what you would charge to build this box??? Stupid questions, but you wouldnt happen to be bills box's?? Also, I can get a orion hcca 12" new for 400 shipped, can you beat that price?? PM me info, thanks


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