Looking to upgrade the sub/amp in a Ranger single cab (JL Microsub).


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Oct 22, 2019
Hello Everyone,

I got a 2011 Ranger XL single cab a few years back and put in a JL 250/1 along with the 108 microsub. I've never been completely happy with the system as it just sounds "small" (doesn't help that my car has a 500/1 and a 12W6v2 and sounds amazing!). Anyway, just a little while after I got the 108 microsub I discovered the Mircrosub+ line. Since the amps are built in I should be able to fit the powered 208 enclosure. What do you guys think? I'm not trying to add SPL, just trying to add more "fullness" if that makes sense. Would upgrading to the powered 208 enclosure help me out in this regard, or should I be on the lookout for something else?

I don't have any experience with multi sub setups as I've always preferred to run a higher quality single sub.

Thanks for the help.

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