Lexus RC 350 Subwoofer and Amp Replacement Recommendation

Phonte06 Newbie
Apr 30, 2020
Hey whats up,

I have Lexus RC 350 and I want to replace the stock 8" subwoofer in the trunk. I want to utilize the same space as the stock subwoofer which Ill have a pic below on the location. This means I am not planning to enclose the subwoofer in a box. I do not need anything too loud, but something that hits in a little coupe. I have the Mark Levinson package, so the speakers sound good to me.

Can I get some recommendations on a subwoofer/amp combo that would sound good without a box (free air sub?)

Car: Lexus RC 350
Budget: $1K
Trunk Space: 10.4 cubic feet
- 8" subwoofer 500 rms max
a. "free air" (if thats a thing)
- Amplifier 500 rms max


Lasherž Elite
Apr 27, 2020
United States

This guy had success with a Polk Audio DB840DVC, but I think you're right to look for an open air subwoofer.

This one seems like it's about the right range.
Just be sure that the sub you pulled out isn't 8 ohms, if so then you'll have to go with a different sub that can achieve that. The one I linked is either 1 or 4 ohms.

Lasherž Elite
Apr 27, 2020
United States
Sorry, I just saw that you didn't want it to interface directly with the car. In that case since you're going with more power this one is the better fit.
That's pretty close, but crutchfield recommends only 200W rms in a free air setting to spare the motor housing from hitting xmax. I would pair it with something like this

This is an AB amp, so if you want more efficiency for it then maybe something more like this

Just be aware the prime series isn't quite as good as the punch series in sound quality.

Those amps are pretty nice for beginners without much tooling because they have a clipping LED to help set them up.

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