Left side speakers weird sound issue. Might be a quick fix?


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May 26, 2017
So after I replaced my 2011 Mazda 3 (Non-Bose) door speakers with Pioneer TS-G6845Rs, the volume of the left side speakers have been reduced by about 80%. They give off a noise like coil rub, like a low "fuzzy" sound. This happened with the factory radio, and ensued after replacing it with a KD-R980BTS.The weird part is when I hooked my home theater stereo to the speakers and raised the volume way up (past what the head unit could) the speakers popped back to life, like brand new. The problem is they go back to the faded sound after a few weeks without any reason.

My guess is there might be electromagnetic interference from the doors' parts that mess with the coils or the speaker magnet. Also, when I put the windows all the way down, I think the windows tap and slide over the back of the speaker drivers because it can be heard and felt.

Any pros that have a possible solution for this?



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Apr 7, 2011
That could be a issue. Pull them out and play them to see if it still does it.



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Dec 15, 2006
Sounds like a blown driver


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