Just some quick questions. Advice would be greatly welcomed :)

Evening gents, I'm not a complete noob when it comes to car audio but I'll admit I'm not the most knowledgeable. I priced out a system with RF T165-S and posted on this forum but it appears that wasn't a good choice for speakers so I'm back to the drawing board.

I have a 2007 Civic EX it has 4 6.5 speakers, tweeters in the front, and a 8" mid range bass.

My budget is 1500 but my deck is eating up around 500 of that.

So I did some more research and these speakers look like a descent price for quality. db6501 - Car | Polk Audio®

So my questions are:

1. Does anyone know if these speakers are good or can throw in their two cents about which ones I should get?

2. What do you think about my deck choice? It seems risky to get a no name deck I know but I really don't feel like spending 1000 on a deck. (Because this one comes with the deck install kit and steering wheel adapter, about 300 in value)

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3. I have two alpine type R subs, but should I throw in a midrange sub in there as well? Or possible a mid range speaker?

I really hope I'm posting this in the right thread.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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The speakers are ok. My wife had the 5 1/4 set. The deck is junk. Not worth the money. Use the type R's. No other sub there is better for your money to. You'll need to amp the subs and speakers and also deaden and seal the doors

Thanks for the quick reply //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif Do you know any better speakers for the same price? And thanks for the advice on the deck //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif

Edit: Would you suggest I use your pioneer avhx 5500 dvd? Because that's around the same price //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif

Polk hasn't made really good speakers since the 80's. JBL MS-62C 6.5" MS Component Car Speakers System

May be able to shop around and get those JBL's for less. They are really nice for the money.

NEVER buy an off-brand head unit. Stick to Alpine, Pioneer, JVC, Kenwood, or even Jensen. The no-name brands and PPI/ Power Acoustic/Soundstream (all the same with different brand names) are garbage. Don't be a hero here and try to prove me wrong thinking you'll be the one to find a real diamond in the rough. I assure you, you will NOT want to deal with the hassle of returning it, especially from Canada when it performs too poorly to even use or fails prematurely.

There's no reason you can't shop around online and find a year or two old model from a reliable brand for short money. For the most part a 2 year old head unit isn't missing much from one that just came out this year.

i had a pair of the rockfords and they sounded pretty good, the polks i believe would have bright tweets, the rockfords sounded good, i did get rid of them and go the CDT's mentioned above and i love them, it was a good upgrade and for the cost of those is a great price. depends on ur budget i would go for the ES or HD series, i am sure Jim has some good CDT's available

Thanks for the quick reply //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif Do you know any better speakers for the same price? And thanks for the advice on the deck //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif
Edit: Would you suggest I use your pioneer avhx 5500 dvd? Because that's around the same price //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif
get a kenwood deck the 898 model or whatever their new line is. get one of the top ones. they are cheap. the speakers aren't bad but not awesome either. run a amp on them and you will be happy. the subs are nice so keep them. no need to upgrade which wouldn't make too much of a difference without doing other upgrades also

JBL MS-62C is discontinued. We may still be able to get 2 sets, last time I checked with my JBL supplier that was all they had left between 3 warehouses. CDT CL-61 is available now for a limited time at $149.99 with a free warranty upgrade. We have speaker adapters in stock for your vehicle. CL-61 2-Way Component System | Easy Way Electronics
Coaxials for the rear: CL-6EX 6.5" Coaxial Speakers | Easy Way Electronics

I got some from this guy here ^^^ to use in a friend's truck. I was impressed and this friend is about as ignorant as it comes with abusing equipment and hasn't broken them yet so that says a lot for them.

I personally avoid putting speakers in the rear. Invest that money into deadening and proper locations in the front.

What type of amp do you suggest for those speakers? The p900.4?
P900.4 is my go-to amp, but my supplier is out of stock temporarily. I also have PPI BK800.4, but that is a closeout model and I have only 1 left. I don't expect you to have any issues with either amp, but replacing the BK800.4 would involve substituting for a different amp.

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