June 1st 2013- Huron South Dakota Outlawed Customs Midwest Spl * Multi pnt Event*


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Nov 11, 2008
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Saturday, June 1, 2013

10:00am until 4:00pm


890 3rd Street Southwest Huron, SD 57350 (state fair grounds)


This Event is brought to you by

"Outlawed Customs" car club of Huron, SD,

$25 per class

This will be a progressive point event.

means the more cars the more points. and larger trophies for ALL classes.

Wheel jam is a three day weekend of food, music, almost anything on wheels and fun. (car audio competition one day "June 1st")

Battle of the bands, car/truck/semi/motorcycle shows and events, BBq contest,camping, stock car races, jake brake contest, motorcycle burnout contest, biker games, & car audio competition

For more information on wheel Jam please visit there website at Wheel Jam - Three Big Days, Three Big Show, Thousands of Wheels

For more info please see http://midwestspl.com/

class matrix Class Matrix


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Midwest Street Division Classes are for beginner and entry level competitors only. Manufactures, retailers and professionals are discouraged from participating in these classes. This includes but not limited to: Anyone that has competed at ‘any’ World Finals, anyone that is a current member of another sound off organization, someone that has higher skills or knowledge than others in their class. Moving someone out of these classes is at the sole direction of the event promoter or judge. Midwest Street Division rules may vary from event to event. General rules are outlined in Section 7 of this rule book.

Midwest Street Division

( no points ) These are typically offered at most Midwestspl Events. In these classes, music must be played.

MSD 1 – Up to 1-12, 2-10’s or 3-8’s ( peak score )

MSD 2 – Up to 1-15, 2-12’s, 3-10’s or 4-8’s ( peak score )

MSD 3 – Up to 1-18, 2-15's, 4-12's ( peak score )

MSD 4 – Unlimited ( peak score )

National Level - These classes are for the serious competitor that wants to compete against others from their region. These classes are typically more advanced and have a certain set of rules and guidelines to go by. These classes are eligible to attend finals and have a chance to win some prize money at the end of the year.

Basic Division

- Designed for your average retailer level install. For those with a simple yet competitive system that would want to compete on a national level.

Basic 1 – Up to 1-15, 2-12’s, 3-10’s or 4-8’s, up to 500 watts

Basic 2 – Up to 1-15, 2-12’s, 3-10’s or 4-8’s, up to 1,000 watts

Basic 3 – Up to 1-18, 2-15’s, 4-12’s or 6-10’s, up to 2,000 watts

Basic 4 – Unlimited Speakers / up to 4,000 watts

Basic Trunk - Unlimited Speakers, up to 2,000 watts

Advanced Division

- Designed for your more serious competitors. These systems you'll typically see 'walled off' designs

Advanced No Wall - Unlimited Speakers, Unlimited Power

Advanced 1 – Up to 1-18, 2-15’s, 4-12’s or 6-10’s, up to 2,000 watts

Advanced 2 – Up to 2-18’s, 4-15’s, 6-12’s or 9-10’s, up to 4,000 watts

Advanced 3 – Unlimited Speakers, Unlimited Power

Xtreme Division

( 30 second music average ) - This division measures that SPL outside the passenger vehicle. Its to replicate driving down the road with your windows down.

Xtreme 1 – 1-2 Woofers / Unlimited Power / Basic Rules

Xtreme 2 – 3+ Woofers / Unlimited Power / Basic Rules

Xtreme 3 – 1-2 Woofers / Unlimited Power / Advanced Rules

Xtreme 4 - 3+ Woofers / Unlimited Power / Advanced Rules

Xtreme Trunk - Unlimited Woofers / Unlimited Power / Basic Rules

Kaos Division

( 3 minute music average ) - Sensor placement at the center of the windshield. Competitors pay their system for 3 minutes full tilt!

Kaos 1 - Unlimited Woofers / Unlimited Power / Basic Rules

Kaos 2 - Unlimited Woofers / Unlimited Power / Advanced Rules

Mayhem Division -

New for 2012! This is an all out, anything goes division. Look for some really high numbers in this class!

Mayhem - Unlimited Woofers / Unlimited Power / See rule book for more information concerning class requirements.

S.L.A.M. - Sound, Looks & Modifications. A car show type of format that allows competitors to acquire points for everything they've done to their vehicle. Unofficial class. No points. Not at finals. Not at every event. S.L.A.M. Score Sheet.

Power SPL - Designed for Children's toys ( Power Wheels ), a fun format for the kids to participate in with their parents. Unofficial class. No Points.

Top Dog - Everyone plays the same! We've developed the perfect 1 minute song to test a true musical system. Each competitors plays the exact same song ( track 19 on the official Midwestspl CD ). This song covers frequencies between 30 and 50 Hz randomly. Who ever plays the song the loudest, wins!



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Nov 11, 2008
Southern Minnesota
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This even is tomorrow , drive safe. have a good weekend


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