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NickyNails Newbie
Apr 17, 2019

I have (4) Alpine R Series coaxials and (2) Alpine R Series tweeters that are powered by a JL 6 channel 600 watt amp at 100 RMS to each speaker. The subs are JL 10" W3v3 that are powered by a JL 1000 watt mono at 500 RMS for each sub. 

I'm struggling to make a decision on the box. Ported or sealed. My local shop has let me try out both, but I'm just not certain. Both of them sound good in their own way. My question is which is best overall and with the doors and front roof off? Because of the weather it's been too cold to strip the vehicle down. I always leave the rear quarter roof on all year round. 

I've heard a properly tuned ported box is as tight as sealed box. If so, does the local shop tune it or the builder? 

I lean toward tight bass, but I've been told when the Jeep is wide open I won't be able to hear the bass at all when driving. 

Any insight, advice or suggestions is appreciated. 



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