Issue with Speakers not getting loud with Jensen CAR70V

chris86924 Newbie
Apr 2, 2021
Hi Everyone,

I have a Ford F250 Crew Cab with a Jensen CAR70V Head Unit, a Devmo GELF 8" Compact Enclosed Powered Enclosed Subwoofer for CAR Under seat and 4 matching
Pyle PL683BL 6X8's nothing special. Here is my issue. I had a Atoto in the truck and had no issues with sound, but now after putting in the new Deck, (Wanted Apple Car play as I am on the road alot I am a farmer) the speakers do not get loud at all even at max. Also when even I turn off the truck and turn it back on the speakers always start out very low and when my Iphone is plugged in the sound speaking from car play I always have to turn it to the Max everytime. My question at this point if I put an amp behind the head unit like a Mini amp such as Sony XM-S400D or the Soundstream SM4.1000D would this solve my loudness issue, or am I stuck with what I have. I have already talked to Jensen and they had me update the firmware which did nothing.

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