installing system with future additions in mind: plez help


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hello, ive read a few threads here that have helped me out - and i plan to install everything myself, so i'd like to make sure im doing the right thing here...

i have ordered/recieved all my system components except for my amps and wiring.

here is what i've got:

HU: Pioneer AHV-P6500DVD flip screen

Front: Infinity perfect 6.1 component 6.5"

Rear: Infinity 63.5i- 3way coaxial 6.5"

Sub: (1) JL 12w6v2

I am planning on getting a JL 500/1 for the sub and 300/4 for the rest.

since i can only get one amp right this moment, i'd like to get the 500/1 and run the rest off my HU until the 300/4 is a possibility. (the HU has a mosfet 50x4 so it should sound OK)

now the question is, how should i go about installing the 500/1 once i get it, keeping in mind that i will be installing a 300/4 soon. i am a newb so please take it easy on me.

when i do the initial install, should i use 1 guage power wire to install the 500/1 so that i can eventually grab a fused distribution box and run 4guage to each (500/1 and 300/4)

how would you experienced guys go about doing this. remember, the deal is that i'd like to safely run my stuff keeping in mind i will upgrade to 2 amps in the future. would a distribution box work with these 2 amps? how would u install it



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Run 1 or 1/0 main powerwire, remembering to fuse it under the hood. Get the distro block now and run the large wire to it and then run 4ga from the distro block to the amp. When you new amp comes in all you have to do is run 4 ga to it from the distro block. If you get all your RCA cables and speaker wires now and run them during the initial install, you could just about make your 300/4 a drop in affair when you get it. Screw it down, connect the power, signal and speakers and be good, no need to tear into the car again.



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thanks for the info, do you have any suggestions on a high quality distribution block and wiring kit? or would it be more efficient to just throw something together at a radio shack?

also, i have to run at least double the fuse under the hood compared to what the amps run? somethin like that

thanks again,



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I personally like Stinger, but whatever will fit your need is fine. Distro blocks and wire are all pretty much the same. You need 1/0 in and 2 4ga out. There are different types of fuses, pick one you like and then find a fused distro block that has that type of fuse and the number and size of inputs and outputs that you need. Inexpensive units will work just as well as expensive ones. Same for wire. Wire is wire.

For the underhood fuse add the fuse ratings of the amps together and you need about that, a little less or a little more won't matter much.


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don't forget to run speaker wire for you infinitys now, so that when u get you 300/4 you won't have to tear the interior apart again,

this is how i would do it.

Measure how much speaker wire would be needed to run from the front speakers and rear speakers to the amp, then double that. Run the speaker wire from the speakers to the rear make a loop thenback track to the HU, this way i would only have to snip the wire at the hu and pull the wire at the loop i made and snip any excess wire,

just my 2cents

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