Installing Aftermarket Speakers

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I'm not sure how to take the door panel off, but look for hidden screws under armrests, power door and window lock units, etc. Usually there are plastic tabs that hold the outer edge of the door panel off. Sometimes you can pull and they will snap out or you will need to pry. For the most part door panels are something you have to slowly figure out how to take off. Make sure the window is down. Also 6x8 is what you have stock so 6x8 replacements will work. Make sure the mounting depth of the aftermarket speaker is not larger than what you have to work with. If it is you may have to make a custom mount.. kinda like a spacer. If you want 6.5 you may have to make custom mounts. Many times you can take the existing mount off the door... trace it out on a piece of MDF(thickness varies depending on application) and then use that as a custom mount. Many times once you take the door panel off THEN you will see exactly what you have to work with. That is where fabrication comes into play. I pretty much buy what I want and then make it work //

On my 99 Yukon the rear door speaker grill was the only thing you had to take off. Removing the door panel was not necessary. The front doors on the other hand.. the whole panel came off. Also the outer edge plastic tabs that held the panel on would break. I always had spare pieces that I bought at the GM dealership. The service guy said they were made to break everytime // You really won't know until you start. Maybe somebody that has one will chime in.


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I'm not positive with your expedition, but with my explorer I have to take the door panels off and the speakers are 6x8 but with the right adaptor you can put 6.5s in(thats exactly what I am doing). Knowing Ford you probably have the same setup as me.

To take the door panel off I have to take out 2 screws in the middle of the door, near the handle. Then its a matter of popping off the panel around the out side edges. Just pull the panels edges on the sides, from a little below where the window is one one side, down to the bottom, across, and up the other side to the window. Then pull the interior door handle like you would to open the door and manuveur the panel around the handle. Should have to unplug the power window switch but thats it. Heres a link for adaptors to put 5.25s or 6.5s with your 6x8s are supposed to be:

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