I need advice about my enclosure and setup. AS WELL INSULATION/POLYFIL


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Hey man, I got a SWA-10S4 10" SCV Bassline Alpine subwoofer 4 ohms and I bought it as a package from car toys that came with a Bassworx sw10b 10" sealed 0.54cf enclosure. It literately sounded like **** nor did it bump at all. I grew on ported boxes with old school alpine brands;so I'm raised and familiar with that ****, bumping on old rap like Ice Cube and Tech N9ne (NO NOT THAT NEW ****.). I want that type loud and bumping down the street type of sound; so I picked up a 10" Atrend Bbox E10SV single vented box that is Gross Cu. Ft. 1.25 \ Net Cu. Ft. .90 \ (Tuning 39Hz) \Speaker hole cutout 9.12" on Amazon.com. Do you think I should use polyfil in this? I just want my **** to bump without that bullshit or damaging my subwoofer. Oh, Most importantly. My amplifier is a MRV-M250. PLEASE help my dude. I've spent so many countless hours trying to get my **** right and to make it hella lit.

I'm not going to lie, I'm new to having MY OWN setup; but my dad was mostly into this **** and was hella smart about all this; but I CAN'T ask him these questions and wanna know why? Because he died legit like 6 months ago. :/ so. I'll be literately stuck with what my brain knows; but look at this. I do know the basics of enclosures, subwoofers and such. I'm just not the type of guy to break down the math or get into the real deep details like what the square root of MC crap I need it dumbed down sadly. haha, If you get what I am trying to say; but yeah. Please let me know

I just wanna aim for what I'm trying to desire ♥



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You only have 150 watts and a single 10. I would consider getting another 10 so you can run the amp at 2 ohms. A prefab box is not going to help a lot. Those 10's like more airspace than most 10's. You nees around 1.5 cubic feet per sub tuned to the 32-34hz range. So 2 tens in a 3 cubic foot box still tuned 32-34. I would have a box built. Or if you have some tools it's not hard to build one yourself



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Old school rap shouldn't be tuned that low.

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