Hum/Whine from subs???


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Jan 20, 2013
So i have an Alpine 9831, 2 12" Fosgate P3s & a Precision Power PC2100 & recently bought a Precision Power PC2150. About 2 & a half months ago I had my pc2100 hooked up, my capacitor ground became stripped & it fried some resistors & caps inside my amp. So I had it sent out & 'repaired'. It took forever so i decided to buy a pc2150 while i waited, it worked great for about 3-4 days, then I pulled into work & lost alotta power through my subs & noticed a quiet hum/whine through my subs & that they were hitting constantly. I unhooked amp for 2 days til i got my pc2100 back & hooked it up. After that I didn't hear any hum/whine but subs were hitting constantly. I found out left subout on my deck is bad, so i hooked up a y-adapter hooked up to deck & stopped that from happening. Then I retried my pc2150 & it wasnt hitting constantly but it still had hum/whine noise through subs (with or without rca's hooked up, with or without engine running), so i opened up the amp, everything looks great, nothing burned or swollen.

Anyone have any ideas what to check for on my pc2150? Id rather not send it out if possible, the place i sent my last one "fixed everything" wrong with it they said, although I never got a quote they just went ahead & did the work without telling me what they foudn wrong & they didnt replace the broken gain control.

-rca wires are brand new

-power & rca/remote are ran on different sides, no where near each other in the trunk

-amp ground is bare metal


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