How's it going so I'm new at installing car audio stuff so I was wondering if I can get some help so I don't blow my speakers or mess my amp

Gpguy1986 Newbie
May 2, 2021
Grants Pass
So I'm new at this car audio installation stuff but I have a power acustic 2500 watt mono single channel amp and I have a Alpine swr-12D4 dual voice coil 4 ohm 12 inch subwoofer and I have a memphis mb1224 dual voice coil 12 inch subwoofer and it can be hooked up either as a 2 ohm or 4 ohm and I was hoping to figure out how I can hook this up all together and not mess up my new speakers or my amp

Kickstand Veteran
Jan 1, 2021
Maple Ridge
The companies that use "max or peak power" as the rating on the am are living in another world or something.
In order to get that 2500 watts from that amp all the planets have to be perfectly aligned, the world has to be at peace, the ice caps have to replenish themselves and the Titanic has to sail into New York harbour
If it is the Razor one then the numbers are to equal what it dyno'd at
The real numbers for it are 450 watts @ 4 ohms and 650 watts @ 2 ohms
It is not one ohm stable
The alpine sub is dual 4 and the rms on it is 750 watts
So 750 watts @ 2 ohms is what it's capable of
The memphis is dual 4 or dual 2 but dual 2 will put the final load at 1 ohm which your amp can't handle
So 500 watts @ 2 ohms is what it is capable of
As mentioned above you can't mix subs, it causes all kinds of problems and will sound like shit
If it was me I would go with the alpine in a ported box

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