How to improve picture quality on front & back-up cameras on new JVC stereo


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Mar 7, 2013
Enid, OK
OK, so I decided to upgrade from my VERY beloved JVC KW-NT800HDT/810HDT to JVC's new KW-V940BW.

OK, so obviously pretty much all aftermarket NAV's use the lowest most primitive, oldest, connection that produces the worst picture/video quality; Single Component Video RCA. I don't know why they don't change their connectors to something like what's in my Dual Wired 1080P @ 60FPS Action (front & reverse) Cameras. It's has a red & a yellow plastic plug shaped differently so you don't cross connect. There are 3 pins on the connectors. Im assuming it's RGB. Not sure if it's Analog or Digital RGB, but im pretty sure it's Digital.

The picture quality off of these cameras are amazing. The cameras themselves aren't that much bigger as they have twice the lens size, but what makes the Quality night & day difference, isn't just the cameras. It's definitely the connection.

Anyone know of a way to get better video/picture quality out of these cams? I bought 13 different cams online, tested them & came up with my best 3. Using 2 for now. 3rd will go under my truck for when I rock crawl & stuff or above my top cargo tail light for when I have my Sportbikes in the back. I'll be adding an entire multi-camera system with Bird's Eye View once I get my 35' Toy Hauler, but I'll be using a seperate system & screen anyway.

Are there other brands out there using a composite Rica's, Fiber-Optic, Ethernet, Mini-HDMI, the Dual Camera DVR System I have on my Sportbike, etc...?


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