Home made cooler speaker help


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Jul 7, 2019
Howdy all just have 2 questions, I built a portable speaker using a cooler, stereo, and door speakers powered by a marine battery, the speakers I used can handle 200 watts but I'm going for cheap so I bought a 20 dollar walmart dual stereo which pushes 30 watts x 4, the sound is actually very decent way clearer and louder than any of the other portable speakers you can buy from the store but I was wondering can I connect both front and rear speaker wires to both speakers to get 60 watts x 2 or would that damage the stereo or worse my speakers? I really dont want to use an amplifier because I would have to make it external to the cooler so it wouldn't overheat inside My other question is I wont be leaving the battery in the cooler all the time, only when I'm using it so is there any way I can hook up a really small battery of some sort just so the stereo will hold its memory for next time? The stereo does turn off with a power button so it wouldn't be drawing hardly any power. All help is appreciated


Team Lethal Pressure
Jan 22, 2010
No you can't bridge the headunit channels. You can run an amp no problem in a cooler.

I built a portable battery powered "boombox" that has a 22AH SLA battery and a Taramps DS280x4 amp powering two horn drivers and 2 6.5" mids. I leave the battery in mine 24/7 and keep a trickle charger hooked up to it when not in use.

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