HELP with Kenwood ddx9903s head unit static interference noise

Ed70 Newbie
May 25, 2022
Hello Everybody,

So I have been having unwanted static noise (live wire type noise), along with the usual White Noise Hissing + some EMI/ very very faint engine noise type sound. Been dealing with this for almost 2 years and has gradually gotten worse during that time. It doesn’t matter which mode function I play, it does it on CD, CARPLAY, BLUETOOTH and USB. The funny thing is that on Phone Calls either via Bluetooth or Carplay its clean and I get no static or noise interference of any king. I have 2 very solid stereo shops check the entire car and have had it fully rewired, amps , ground, head unit etc. I have been using stinger rcas and wire for over 20 years without any issues and still am. Anyhow I swapped out 3 different amps (Alpine pdx-f4, Alpine x-70f, US Acoustics usx-4085 and JL Audio HD600) that are decent and clean and the problem persists. One of the installers at my current shop kept saying the problem more than likely is with my Kenwood DDX9903s head unit.
The owner didn’t think it was the issue as they checked the rcas and ground on the head unit. Finally after months of frustration the owner decided to swap out with another customer’s radio (Sony Double din) and all the freaking NOISE IS GONE!!!! We drove the car around, pushing/pulling the window switches, turning on headlights, pressing on the brake pedal and the car was dead silent, no more noise at all, it was awesome!
The owner was kind enough to loan me a brand new 10+ year old Pioneer single din CD stereo that never sold, installed it and again no more noise of any kind, dead silent and it felt great to once again listen to music without all that annoying garbage interference. He advised me to take the radio to get checked out and repaired so I drove to the Kenwood/JVC Authorized Repair Center in City of Industry, CA name FTH Group. It’s been 5 days since I dropped off the stereo to get diagnosed and today I got an email telling me that after bench testing and running it through 2 different amps, checked voltage, rca/plugs the works, my stereo works perfectly fine, clean and no noise issues of any kind. I am stumped!! The ONLY thing that comes to mind and possibly makes sense is that when I dropped of my stereo they DID NOT want the wiring harness that was plugged in my stereo cause they have their own on the bench. Has anyone ever experience anything like this or similar and perhaps the culprit was the stereo wiring hardness causing all these problems? I feel like I tried almost everything and have nothing to lose by ordering a new wiring harness from directly from Kenwood. Feel free to share your input and knowledge with me as I would really appreciate it.
My apologies for this message being rather lengthy but wanted to explain in more detain so other members can understand the situation with better detail and not received advice that has already been covered like, reground your amps & head unit, check alternator, replace your rcas etc.
One more thing, has anyone ever replaced worn out buttons on your head units like: power, volume etc? thinking of replacing them since they are only a couple of bucks each but have no clue how to do it.

Thank you.

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