HELP!!! HO alternator needed or not?

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i will be installinga new system into my new Yukopn xl soon. Will be running (2) fosgate punch 800a2's mono to each 12" DaVinci sub. Also running a fosgate punch 600a4 to CDT hd series seperates and braxials. Using 0 ga from battery then 2 /4 rest of the way so do you think i will nned a higher output alt, anyone? Since this suv has towing package and 4wd it already has a heavy duty alt not sure of size but i need advice. and if i need to get a ho alt where is agood place without putting a big hole in my wallet.


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Hard to say for sure, but probably a possibility.

Sounds like both 800's will be at lowest impedance, so that's about 2kw between the 2 of them. What about the 600? Running at 2 ohms or 4?

Either way I'd say you're going to be pushing it. People have had success with systems of that size off stock alts, but others have had trouble with less.

I wouldn't rush out and replace the alt. I think you should go ahead and install it and see how it runs.

Take a DMM and test the battery w/nothing on at idle and start turning on your accessories one by one and see what it does to the voltage. Then power on the system and see if it changes by a lot.

That should give you a good indication of whether or not your battery is going to maintain its charge.


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i am running the 800a2's bridged mono at 2 ohms and the 600a4 at 4 ohms. I will definately have everything hooked up and running before i run out and purchase another alternator. Any help is highly appreciated so we shall see in a few weeks once all is installed.


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how about an aftermarket battery just for high powered systems like the yellow top battery as an alternative to an new alternator. But again i have to install everything and see how it goes first.
A 12V battery cannot be considered an alternative for a 14+V alternator. An aftermarket battery will help with the engine off, but with the engine running the primary source of current is your alternator. A larger battery cannot make up for an insufficient alternator because it is still only 12V.

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