FS: Audison LRx6.9 6-channel Amplifier


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FS: Audison LRx6.9 6-channel Amplifier

Item(s) for Sale:

Audison LRx6.9 Amplifier

LRx 6.9 is a six-channel amplifier with built-in crossovers that be configured for any system. The ability to interface with every type of source unit, the ease of installation thanks to ECI and the capability of driving an extremely complex system on its own: these are the benefits of the LRx 6.9.

LRx 6.9 Power Output

Load Imp. 6 Channels 5 Channels 4 Channels 3 Channels

4 Ohm 4x70+2x75W 4x70+1x280W - 2x240+1x280W

2 Ohm 4x120+2x140W 4x120+1x470W - -

4/2 Ohm - 4x70+1x480W 2x240+2x140W 2x240+1x470W

4/1 Ohm - - 2x240+2x230W -

2/1 Ohm 4x120+2x230W - - -

Item(s) Description/Condition:

I have been using this amplifier for the last 8 years or so in my car. Bought from, installed and configured by an authorized Audison dealer on Long Island. I am the first and only owner of this amplifier. It was only removed from my car and not re-used because I am not putting an aftermarket system in my new car. It comes with the original box and all of the original paperwork and miscellaneous items.


$400 + Shipping

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

Buyer pays shipping from Alameda, CA and will be shipped double boxed via your choice of FedEx or UPS shipping options.  

Local pickup also available. 


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