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New guy here, just wanted the input from some vets.

I just bought a car (97 SVT Cobra).I want to install a good system, focus on SQ.

I'm looking to shave dollars everywhere. However, Im willing to spend what I need to. Im looking at doing the work myself, theres some stuff (box building, sound deadening, power management, etc) I may pay for.

I wanted to pick your brains on my planned choices & power management.

"Planned" Choices:

HEAD: Alpine INA-W910 (How important are DAC and PreOut Voltage?)

SPEAKERS: Boston SPZ60 (They really worth $300 than PRO60SE?)

FRONT AMP: Boston GT2300 or Alpine PDX F6(300RMS to SPZ60, too much?)

SUB: Boston SPG555 4OHM (I already bought it)

SUB AMP: Boston GT2300 Bridged 4OHM or Alpine PDX M-12

CABLING: Monster Audiophile OFC Cabling ( Thickest Gauges I can afford)

BATTERY: Optima (Red or Yellow?)

CAPACITOR: Monster (How many Farads?)

BIG THREE: Bigger, Better Grounding for Battery, Alt and Chassis.

As you can see, Im partial to Boston (Home Theater is all Boston), love that clean sound.


Powerwise, am I looking at upgrading the stock Alternator?

Ill be running: HID9700 Lights, Full Gauges (Autometer), maybe MSD Ignition.

I read that the new Alpine PDX Amps are supposed to draw less power, can it help me get away from this potential issue? (Alternator Upgrade)

Sound deadening, how much is needed for that car, what brand do you use.

Also, I wanted some info on an Active Front Stage, worth the extra money?

Thank You for reading! //


WTB: Boston SPZ60

Sounds awesome, really. Yea, get 4V outputs if you can, but I've had solid results with 2V HUs. Those Boston amps get thumbs up from anybody who uses them, and the SPG sub does too. I'm running the brand new GTA-1000m amp for only $239 from Sonicelectronix, and it's LOVELY. (Hifonics price with Boston quality.) I would look into a Kinetik battery if I were you. They outperform the Optimas for a marginal price difference. I plan to go with Second Skin sound deadening products when I get around to it.

NO CAP...get upgraded batt under the hood, like a xs d3400 and ull be is decent stuff but for the price, u can find better...dac and preout are biggies...get at least a 4v preout

Get rid of the capacitor. as far as sound deadening goes. You should start off by sealing your doors. try and close up any extra holes that arent needed in it, then sound deaden

x2 on the caps. They just introduce more load on the charging system than anything. Some people like the fun voltage meters on them though, but I would put that money into your comps or something.

Thanks everyone! 2 More questions.

#1-Alpine PDX F6 vs Standard Quality Class A/B Amp? Your opinions? I just bought a PDX M-12 and want to keep the aesthetic but am having a hard time pulling the trigger on the PDX F6 because its Class D, reviews say its good, but I would appreciate your opinions. The Class A/B Amp Im considering it against is a Boston GT 2300.

#2-I may go Single Din Video Flip Out HU, Ive heard rumors that there being phased out in favor of Double Dins because there not as reliable. Is this true in your opinion?

class a/b amps are less effiecient and run hotter...and ive nvr herd that about double dins...ive herd and had problems with flip-outs, but i also bought a

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