Engine whine issue.


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So, after rerouting the cables (power cable down one side and RCAs down the center console) I have successfully eliminated engine whine.

In the 2015 Toyota GT86 (Scion FRS in the US), there are in fact supplemental factory power cables running down the sides of the car, which were probably contributing to the whine.

I purchased the following shielded cable to help with any other interference.

Thanks for all of your expertise and wish you all the best in your car audio adventures! It's been a truly helpful forum.
Nice looking RCAs. Most vehicles these days have quite a bit of wiring to go back to the vehicle lighting ect that run along the bottom door seals. I try to Avoid that area with RCAs,and most speaker wiring from the amp. Its usually just fine for power and remote wiring. Ive had no issues with using Stinger Zero Noise RCAs so far
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