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I'm looking for some advice from anyone that may have experience designing a sub enclosure to fit in the rear well of a 93-02 Camaro coupe. I currently have a sealed well box that is 2.6 cubes with some additional room on each side, holding 2 Kicker CVR 12's. I'm looking to increase output and keep it low, while maintaining reasonable sound quality. I plan on putting a pair of Sundown SA-12's or Fi Alpha 12's in a ported 3.5-4 cube box, tuned to 32hz and firing both subs and port up. I'll be running 2kw to 2.5kw. I have a few things to consider:

1)This will be a daily musical build.

2) I listen to Rap/Blues/Rock

3) I'm aiming for 60% SQ 40% SPL

4) I have limited experience building ported enclosures, but I have built quite a few sealed boxes with good results.

I believe that I will most likely need to extend the box onto the rear deck to get the airspace needed.

I'm hoping some box builders can give me some pointers on how to achieve the best possible results.

What is the best port design/style to use for this application?

Will I achieve anything by angling the port and/or the subs toward the rear glass, straight up, or toward the front of the car?

I'm considering using fiberglass and MDF to form fit the box to the well, but I am open to suggestions from those more experienced.

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I can hook you up with a design. Pm me if interested..

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This is how I do it The lower section goes down and rests on the ledge which offers more support and give you room to mount a amp below in the bottom of the well. You'll be lucky to get two 12s ported using min. ported specs. This configuration

only makes 4.5 cubic ft total. This only leaves you about 1.5 per sub. You can get this up to 1.75 per sub if you tune it higher around 35 -38hz. You might get another .5 cube if go all the way to the bottom of the t-top wells. Good luck on your build

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