Do Equalizers help? Are they worth it?


Mar 19, 2010
ok guys thats 1 yes and 1 no. Wingman0121 the DQS has 7V preouts though,but my thinking is with my system being just 1 pair of component speakers and a single sub i really don't need it. I'm getting the Kenwood DDX-896(which has 5V preouts) installed early next week. i know i can sell the DQS very easily.BTW right now the DQS isn't set correctly you really need a RTA to do it right,maybe if i had it set right i would lean towards keeping it. I'm just not sure the more opinions the better.
Remember too that you can get line drivers to do 8V+ out but you need to make sure the input pots on your amp can even handle it.



Mar 19, 2010
I had an Eclipse 21010 EQ/line driver running my subwoofer amps, the only reason why I had it is because it has built-in parametric EQ for bass and I can dial in the center frequency, Q and volume independently from my main speakers.
However something happened to it a few months ago and it started throwing my sub amps into protect, I think it was sending DC spikes into my amps' preamp input so I threw it away. Most decent headunits have good preamp output voltage and parametric EQ built-in already so I would skip it to simplify the signal chain.
Case in point. Also the decks that have preamps built in are not the same as like a Zapco or PPI PAR 245 etc. They do not adjust the Q as correctly or detailed. If you have a eq/preamp the STN (like 105db+) is always higher and better as well which sounds better than one built in a deck. Read the specs and see yourself. There are reasons that even decks that cost over $800.00 dont have them in them too. It isnt because its a crappy deck it is because the makers know there is better for those who want a complete Q install.



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Jan 29, 2007
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would a Phoenix Gold EQ215X be a good EQ?

15 Independtly Adjustable, Sliding Style, High Q Frequency Controls

for each Channel with 2/3 Octave Spacing

Seperate Left and Right Thru Output Jacks

24kt Gold Plated Input and Output Jacks

Seperate Left and Right Input Sensitivity Controls

Seperate Left and Right Output Level Controls

Seperate Left and Right Input Clipping LED Indicators

Seperate Left and Right Tri-Level Output Level LED Indicators

Pulse Width Modulated Power Supply

Power-On LED Indicator

EQ Defeat Switch

Quick Disconnect Power Plug

3 Second Delayed Remote Turn-On Output

24kt Gold Plated, Two Layer, Copper G10 Glass-Epoxy Printed Circuit Board

Audiophile Grade 1% Metal Film Resistors

Precision Laser Cut 16 Gauge White Powder Coated Steel Chassis


Frequency Response: 10Hz to 30kHz

S/N Ratio: 105dB

T.H.D.: 0.02%

Cut/Boost: +/- 12dB

Thru Output Response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Input Sensitivity: -12dB to +20dB

Input Signal Range: .8 Volts to 32 Volts

Output Level Range: -20dB to 0dB


Chasis 11.25"L x 6.9"W x 1.6"H

Overall 11.25"L x 7.9"W x 1.8"H


what about a Precision Power DEQ230??



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Apr 15, 2005
Why wouldn't the PG EQ be good? Back in its day it was one of the best EQ's to have and still is compared to a lot of EQ's today.


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