Depth Limitation in 07-12 GM? Replacing Infotainment Head Unit Help Needed.

waryan Newbie
Apr 18, 2020
Hi folks - I have scoured the web and watched many youtube videos, to no avail. I purchased a 2010 Suburban LTZ with Nav / Bose / Infotainment this week and Crutchfield tells me that basically ZERO DVD head units will fit in my vehicle. They say that I have 6.46" of depth available and the vast majority of head units (with DVD) are ~7".

Two questions:
1. Is this really an issue? I would think that there would be more information on the web about this problem if it were truly a problem.
2. If this is an issue, can I cut / trim pieces behind the radio to provide the extra 1/2 inch?

Last, but not least, I am looking at the Pioneer 4500 for wireless carplay, HDMI input, and multi camera support. I don't mind spending more if you can recommend a better unit. Thanks for any help.

marc2112 Elite
Oct 12, 2012
Just make sure there's no airbag behind the radio before trimming anything.

waryan Newbie
Apr 18, 2020
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@marc2112 Thank you - I am going to go ahead and pull the head unit and do some measuring.

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