COMPLETED Custom TC sounds 3HP 12” and American Bass HD15 dual 2 ohm

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During the cold months I tend to do rebuilds for guys locally. Sometimes months will go by abs guys never come to get their stuff! These 2 are just that, they give a little money down have me rebuild the subs to never be seen again lol. I sent one last text and in 2 weeks, I will sell these to whoever would like to purchase. No takers they will go to ebay!

first up is a TC sounds 3HP build. It is a 12” sub which uses the original Ti frame. The motor was painted at some point but shows some marks from storage. The motor was tapped 1/4-20 and studded using flange nuts to secure the frame to the motor. No gluing so no worries of it ever coming off! Spacers have been used to bring the volcano top in line with the frame to give all the clearance in the world. Custom aluminum wire 3” dual 2 ohm precision econo wind coil with black high temp coating and aramid sheet collar wrap. This sub will do extremely well with 800-1500w rms. 10” nomex spiders with dual woven leads. 8 ga CCA direct leads. Dry carbon fiber dust cap. Non pressed Kevlar infused pulp cone with large surround with red stitching. 5mm more of xmax mathematically than a regular 12” Eclipse Ti! Superb Sq driver, incredible low end, and capable of great output. 1.25-1.75 cubic feet sealed or 1.5-2 cubic feet ported. Anyone looking for a solid single sub setup without having to give up a lot of room this is the one! $380 shipped via fedex to the lower 48 states.

American Bass HD15 15” in dual 2 ohm. This sub is built to take gobs of power and get ridiculously loud! It will also sound good doing it! Rebuilt using a 6” dry carbon fiber dust cap and Kevlar infused pulp cone. Surround is extra tall with dual stitching and allows for tons of throw without sacrificing cone area. Dual 8 ga CCA direct leads and dual stitched leads on spiders. 4 layer nomex spiders. Custom made 3.5” precision econo wind dual 2 ohm coil with aluminum flat wire. Aramid sheet wrapped collar and black high temp coating. Coil is gapped tighter than the original and sub has over 30mm of xmax mathematically calculated! Sub will eat 2500+ rms with ease! Motor to frame spacers with studs and nuts for attachment. Would make for a sweet single 15” setup where spl is the goal. Ported box only with an internal volume of 3.9-4.3 cubic feet. $400 shipped via fedex to the lower 48 states.
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That Eclipse sub is very sexy
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