Custom prototype 15” Dual 2 ohm

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Nov 12, 2021
$ 310
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This sub is the same sub as the SL line I build without a couple of added items that I added on to the final design. The dust cap is dry carbon instead of glossy and it doesn’t have spacers between the frame and motor. Everything else is the same! This subwoofer was broken in and run in a sealed and ported enclosure for about 4 hours each. It does not have a frame gasket installed on it (not really needed anyway but they look nice). It has a 3” dual 2 ohm copper voice coil with high temp black coating, linear roll spiders, 25mm of xmax, tall rubberized foam surround, 8 ga direct leads, Y35 triple stacked motor, cast frame etc. It will perform excellent in a sealed enclosure with an internal volume of 2.5-2.9 cubic feet or ported with a 3.25-3.75 cubic feet internal volume tuned to 30 hz-34hz. Sealed this sub is a low end monster! It’s an efficient design that will satisfy most sealed with 1000-1200w rms. I conservatively rate it at 1000w rms but any person with experience could run as high as 1500w rms. This sub also has excellent sound quality as well. Shipping weight is right at 30 pounds, $310 shipped to your door! This is the only one I have and is fully hand built!


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