Custom Audio Setup Controlled via Android Tablet (No head unit)

Ciarconn Newbie
Oct 9, 2019
Northern Ireland
I have a 1.8T swapped MK2 Golf. Wiring has been a rat's nest ever since the loom has been modified to run the 1.8T engine. I've also swapped a Corrado dashboard for a more modern interior which allows me to completely redesign the entire center section. So I want to completely overhaul my audio setup with a 7" Android Tablet as my head unit. From what I can find, what I'll need to do is, buy some good quality speakers to use in the doors, dashboard & rear, buy a tablet, buy an amplifier (?) To supply audio from the tablet to the speakers. Hard wire the tablet to a 12v power supply using a voltage stepdown meter to output 5v to power the tablet. And intercept the ignition source for a 12v power supply to make sure my tablet isn't draining my battery while ignition isn't on. Does this sound correct? Has anyone else done something like this before that could tell me if I'm missing something? Also, if there's any safety procausions I should take to prevent the tablet from overheating on charge, like a timed cutoff switch perhaps?
I've never done Audio before, and I'm new to this forum so I'd appreciate any advice to be given in a simplified "Audio for dummies" way.

Another thought would be to buy a 12v Bluetooth Amplifier Board and mount that in the dashboard and connect the speakers to that, that way I could connect the tablet to it via Bluetooth, rather than hard wiring the speakers to the tablet.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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