Cascade APS-30 power supply


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Sep 28, 2017
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Cascade APS-30 power supply

Product Brand & Model: #4 Cascade APS-30 power supplyCondition of all items: #4 Cascade APS-30 power supply used 7/10 cosmeticallyTotal Price: :

#4 Cascade APS-30 power supply $[SIZE=13.333333015441895px]95 [/SIZE]shippedShipping Terms: :On meAdditional info:
The Cascade power supply is handy to have for tuning and or shop owners who struggle with batteries going dead while tuning. You can use this to power your vehicle and charge the battery and it won’t over charge the battery because the voltage is 13.6 volts and the amperage adjusts down to just millvolts as the load demands decrease. It’s a nice tuning tool to have. It also doubles as a battery charger and can be wired in series with up to 4 more APS 30 power supplies for increased amperage. You can install the included jumper for 14.2 Volts when more power is needed but you have to be careful if using a battery not to overcharge it.

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