can i figure a 2nd Powered sub from the same source channel?

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i am running a single Kenwood 8” powered sub (KSC-PSW8) rated at 250w, but realistically its performs more like a 100w RMS unit. Hate when MFG’s including reputable vendor like Kenwood overstate their Sub performance.

this really caught my eye since its so compact and includes a class D Amp , very cool. now i’m not a hudge basshead and actually prefer the enclosed design over ported for the tight Bass it druves, just wish it would pump out more POWER.

is it possible to daisychain these subs so that I can actually connect two units together off of one channel coming from an external preamp (single non powered channel from the DSP)?

is this even adviseable or should i just scrap the Kenwood and start over. i really do like the SOUND QUALITY this unit cranks out, a punch for sure, just too light for my metal head days


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I may be wrong yet if you got a y splitter for power, ground and the signal I don’t see why not. You may be splitting the signal strength or voltage too so that may not be ideal. Another option is cut your loss and get a powered dual sub setup.
A dual having twice the amp will be more effective than two singles that add up to the same power as the dual. Mainly bc you wouldn’t have to split the output voltage/signal.

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It’s not so much that these manufacturers are overstating, true they say peak power which some translate to real power, it’s the expectation of buyers. Often reviews are misleading. “It pounds!” “Windshield flexing!” “Chest pounding!”
Nah it’s just a sub setup they bought and likely are pleased with. For many it takes buying one to see it isn’t the one then buy different and more powerful stuff.
It’s often asked what your budget is. That’s a good idea but it’s hard to know what $ amount will fill your ear holes w sound you like. I didn’t think that far and kept upgrading. Now I’ve got a $1000 set just sitting waiting for…
Dunno 😜
Do the big 3 then get a double 8 or whatever you can fit. Some places allow 30 or 60 days to try it out. If it’s not what you’re looking for, send er back.

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No different than powering multiple amps.
I'd use a fused distribution block. Power each amp. Probably easiest to just add that to the existing power cable. Then run 2 shorter to each amp. Keep the same thickness.

RCA's just use a splitter.

Are you using a remote line or the signal sensing?
If remote, probably just splice it. Check before and after for amperage.
If too low and doesn't trigger, run it the way you are, then add a second to a ACC ignition fuse?

If signal sense, does it require a high output or is the standard RCA good?
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