C3 radio header install problems.thx

Kyle Harris

CarAudio.com Newbie
May 10, 2019
Hi im fitting JSD-520 to my mk1 citroen C3.

Purchased a conversion harness and it fits (pic end 762/ 656).

It works and i can hear radio through it.

But I have two problems.

  1. I have a spare black cable with a white end (pic ending 768/ 588) but i dont know how its fits into the head unit (pic ending 720). Could i be an aerial and is there an adaptor i can use?
  2. Secondly there is a high pitch background noise over the radio, what can i do about that?  is it related to those free blue and orange cables?
The back of the original radio is show in image ending 020 which has a white plastic sticky out but for that black cable with the white end.









CarAudio.com VIP
Mar 14, 2019
Thats your antenna... you need an adapter. OMG missed the wires, you need to tape them up...

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Kyle Harris

Kyle Harris

CarAudio.com Newbie
May 10, 2019
ok cool i've found an adaptor. thx

any ideas on the squealing noise?



CarAudio.com Well Known
Mar 27, 2019
Marinette County, Wisconsin
Check your ground and ground it properly behind the dash to something that is metal with no paint on it. Sometimes using the existing ground wire through a wiring harness will not always work the best. I've had to do that a couple times in past builds.

Also if you can afford it get rid of that junk Chinese head unit and go with something much better, that also could be your problem the head unit is just junk from the factory, none of those Chinese head units like that rarely work like they are supposed to. Look at the size of it compared to your old one it is half the size yet claims to put out at max power 60x4 not very likely!


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