BMW E46 Charging and using AUX Issue

Camshaft54 Newbie
May 4, 2022
I'm new to this forum, so pardon my beginner understanding of car audio setups. I recently installed an AUX adapter in my 2006 BMW E46 (this one from Amazon I drilled a small hole next to the cigarette lighter and routed the end of the aux adapter there. I've been using it with my phone to play audio through the car stereo flawlessly. A few days ago I tried charging my phone with a USB cigarette lighter power adapter while playing audio through the aux, but the aux wouldn't work. Specifically, as soon as I plugged my phone into the charger, the audio would stop playing and the stereo would not list AUX as an option in the menu. I suspect there is some kind of weird issue involving my phone being connected to the ground from the cigarette lighter interfering with the car stereo's ability to detect my phone. Has anyone else had this issue/have any ideas for how I could fix it?

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