bmw e39 with aftermarket pioneer stereo, factory amp, and i have 3 seperate 8 inch sub enclosures.


BMW e39 5 series with dummy slaap! Yafeelme cutty
hey everyone! so i want to keep my factory amp powering my factory interior speakers. but how can i install these 2 pioneer ts-a2000lb 8 inch down-firing pre-loaded enclosures. they are 2ohm svc with 250 watts rms for each sub, and im putting them behind the rear seats in the trunk bolted directly to the dynamatted steel floor. but i have a sub enclosure that replaces the factory rear seats middle armrest and i am going to put the pioneer ts-a2000ld2 8 inch sub witch is 250watts rms also but this sub is a 2ohm dvc sub unlike the other 2 svc subs. so i was planning on using the pioneer gm-dx871 mono amplifier to power the 2 svc subs with a 1 ohm load, but the amp will be pushing 800 watts rms! will that be too much for my 2 subs with a total of 500 watts rms? or will that work fine? after i get this part figured out im going to buy thr dvc sub to put in the other armrest enclosure and whatever amp i will have powering that. how do i add an amp and sub to a system? should i run 2 amps or is there a way i can wire them all together probably with a stronger amp?


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should i run 2 amps or is there a way i can wire them all together probably with a stronger amp?
You can run the SVC subs on the GM-DX871 at 1 Ohm, just lower the gain at the amp. The third sub is too different to run on the same amp as the SVC subs. Now, you could use a 4 channel amp instead, 1 channel per voice coil. At 2 Ohms per channel, you will use that amp to it's maximum safe level.

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