Best way to wire this sub? (pics)

Jc Lee Newbie
Jan 24, 2019
I have a boat with a marine radio blackbox (sonic hub 2). In the manual it shows how to connect a subwoofer (bottom pic). the 2nd pictures shows the JL marine 4 channel amp i'm getting and planning to hook up. The system will be two 6.5 speakers and one sub. Theres a left and right RCA jack for subwoofer. Why do i need 2 channels for one sub? And also, i won't even be taking advantage of these 2 channels unless i bridge the channels at the amp which i'm not planning to do. Any recommendations or thoughts?




Junior Member
Jan 17, 2010
'Peg city
Say you listening to headphones,you know how in some songs that have a bass sweep that goes to your left ear to the right ear? That's why there's a left and right. The amp takes both of those channels and makes it one. 


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