Best 15" Sub for SPL

Im currently leaning towards getting a pair of the American Bass XFL 1544's, I heard they were amazing and great for the price. What kind of recommendations would you guys give towards a pair of 15"s for SPL. I currently have a Hifonics BRX 2000.1D with 2 batts and 0 gauge.
You wont have enough power to get full potential out of those XFLs with your brx. You will be louder and better off with a pair of sundown SA 15s or any other efficient 2.5" coil. RMS does not mean louder.

That amp will work just fine for 2 of those subs if you are looking to be using the system on a daily basis then build ur box to sub specs and it will sound good n last for a long time, but you will not see the subs full potential like this(this is true) however! Increasing the volume of a ported box will give you increased mechanical output using less watts, you can still hit your peak slope while using that amp if you are willing to give up more space for the box. Personally I would recommend going with one orion Hcca 15.2 instead of the 2 xfls(ruffly the same price). I used to run a hifonics bxi2000d to mine before I upgraded to the brx2400, if you give up 6cu ft for your box you will be more then happy with that combo

ill give you a secert to a loud install. build the correct box for the best natural cabin gain and phasing the cabin allows and use thesub that is needed for the install.

what i mean is your have 4.5 cubes with 100 inches of port area and your cabin is wide say a extended cabin truck. you should try to first design the box so the phasing at the dash is correct and find the cabins res frequency usually about 49-51hz in a extended cab truck no wall below the rear windows. find a woofer that will becable to take full advantage of the box..

now if you want some recommendations for 2k and 2 15s with the "average" 8 cubed box i really like the atomic Apocalypse 15. they really do nicely in the street installs that are power limited..

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