american bass xfl 15

  1. nyoc

    Design Needed for American Bass XFL 1522 in 3.5 Cubic Ft @ 30 Hz Enclosure Slot Port

    Vehicle : 2006 Dodge Stratus Location in the vehicle: Trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height): 22" x 36" x 22" Subwoofer make and model: American Bass XFL 1522 Subwoofer Size: 15" Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Slot What type of music do you...
  2. S

    Best 15" Sub for SPL

    Im currently leaning towards getting a pair of the American Bass XFL 1544's, I heard they were amazing and great for the price. What kind of recommendations would you guys give towards a pair of 15"s for SPL. I currently have a Hifonics BRX 2000.1D with 2 batts and 0 gauge.
  3. cooper1123

    American bass XFL 15 or Sundown SA 15??????????

    Looking to purchase either a xfl 15 or a sa 15. I have 2 locally for sale and I don know which one to buy. The American bass as a 3 inch coil as the sundown has a 2.5 inch coil and the American bass has a little bit bigger of a motor. I really don't know which one to choose. It will be ran on...