Bass track thread!


Knowledge is Power
10+ year member
Mar 13, 2002
My list looks something like:

Dre- Whats the Difference

Dre- Nuttin but a G thang

Master P- Make'em say Ughh

Master P - Ice on my wrist

Silk the Shocker- Im a Solider --- Rock Solid Bass line

ICP - Ol Evil Eye

Biggy- Hypnotize

Biggy- Dead Wrong --- Hits Hard but is EQ'ed really odd

Juvenile- Back that Azz up

Tah Murda- Pov city anthem

Lox- Wild Out

Cormega- The Saga

Prodigy- Three

Prodigy- Wanna be thugz

Mobb Deep- Shook Ones pt 2

Onyx- Last Dayz

Snoop- Gin and Juice

Tons more that I cant eve n think of right now



15A's B!TCH
10+ year member
Jun 23, 2003
Maybe next time I'll remember that this topic has been done four times, and that you can't get enough of a good list.
Stop being a *****. PLus this topic has probably been done over 100 times newbie, but its never bad to get a new one going every once in a while to see what new people like you (or the people like you who dont ***** about everything) think about what bass songs are good. Plus new songs come out and its good to list those. If your not gonna list anything productive, then just save our time and yours and dont say anything at all. Dipshit


sumone Veteran
10+ year member
Dec 29, 2003
Celly Cell - Its going down tonight
Aww man!!! That's a throwback! I remember that track - I was in what like 4th/5th grade and played that tape all day long!!! I'm gonna try to find it now! thanks!



10+ year member
Jun 21, 2003
Reidsville,North Carolina
10 more songs that have good bass

-Ludacris- Move B***H

-LIL FLIP-Game Over

-Wild Muf**kas- Lil' Jon(nice bass line)

-50 Cent-Poor Lil' Rich

-Cam'ron-Live My Life

-Cam'ron-Dead Or Alive

-Nappy Roots-Headz Up


-50 Cent/G Unit-Groupie Love

-Snoop Dogg-From Da Chuuurch To Da Palace



10+ year member
Jan 13, 2004
Tampa, FL
I like bringing dead threads back! This thread is pretty big, think we can keep it going?

504 Boys - I can Tell is pretty solid.


Hive - Ultrasonic Sound (The Matrix Soundtrack song # 10)

Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (and the remix)


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