Bass track thread!

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Dec 29, 2003
- what happened to that boy - baby/clipse- I don't give a f*ck - lil john

- never scared - bone crusha

*- hey papi - jayz

*- game recognize game - twista

- **** - young bloodz

*- SpottieOttieDopaliscious - outkast

- clubbin - marques houston

- places to go - 50 cent

*- smoke and ride - do or die

- break ya neck - busta rhymes

- withoutme - eminem

- gonna make your body wet - busta + janet jackson

*- freaky thangz - ludacris/twista

*- scummy - crucial conflict
This is the best list in my opinion! Especially that Hey Papi!



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Jan 7, 2004
Most songs by ludacris...The new one "Splash waterfalls" is a good one. Also "Catch up" and "Coming to America". Almost anything by 3-6, and lil john and the eastside boys. Bourbons and Lacs by master P is a good one. "Say my name" by Xzhibit and eminem (not destiny's child). And I'd have to say my absolute favorite "Go to Sleep" by eminem, obie trice, and DMX.



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Jan 7, 2004
Oh, can't forget "****" by the Young Bloodz ft lil john....this list is endless



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Dec 25, 2003
I'm not one of those guys that only listens to what's currently cool. Here's my favorites in the bass line.

Mc Ren - Mad Scientist, Pimpin' Is Free, Same Ol' S***t (hardcore bass here, check out his other stuff)

Outkast - Ain't No Thang, The Way You Move

Luniz - Put The Lead On Ya (also the intro before this song has excellent bass - Operation Stackola_Intro)

South Central Cartel - Gang Stories, Rollin' Down Da Block, Servin' 'Em Heat

Marques Houston Ft. Joe Budden - Clubbin'

Other songs from Too Short & Wu Tang (the older stuff) also has some strong bass. I'll get the songs later.

For now get these. Guaranteed it'll turn heads



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Oct 16, 2003
Palm Beach County, FL
yeah i saw the reccomendation for Master P bourbans and lacs .... so i just listened to it and it has some pretty nice bass.... also i remeber that song from a couple years ago from master p's old ghetto d album im glad i listened to again



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Jan 7, 2004
I haven't heard it on a good system, but I bet "Yeah" by usher, lil john, and ludacris will be good. The Prizefighter remix of Whistle While you Twerk has almost too much bass. "Words are Weapons" by eminem and d12. "Holidae Inn" by chingy, snoop, luda. "Boyz in the hood" and "Straight out of Compton" by NWA. "Ghetto" by RL. "Let me Ride" by snoop ft. RL. "Boughetto" Ali ft. murphy lee. "How deep is your love for me" by dru hill. "Get Right" by Fabolus.

I got beats...



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Jan 7, 2004
"get low" lil jon

"Rep yo city" lil jon, petey pablo

"Automatic" E40, fabolus

lots of B-legit stuff

I think its called "187" by dre and snoop

"Regulators" by warren G and Nate Dogg

"More and More" Joe (slow jam)

"Good Love" (remix) Avant ft. bone thugs

"She get in from her mamma" Juvenile

"Aint no sunshine" DMX

The list continues



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Jun 26, 2003
1.Bone Crucher-Grippin The Grain

2.Bone Crusher-Puttin in work

3.2pac-Dont make enemies with me

4.twista all twista!

all that shit slams



Supa's mom was here!
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Jan 21, 2003
Poolside with Supa's mom.
I think we forgot some classics!

Metallica - One

Mettalica - Enter Sandman

Big Gipp - We Servin'

Bone Thugs - Handle the Vibe

Bone Thugs feat Biggie - Notorious Thugs

Bootleg ft MC Breed - No Future

2 Live Crew-Banned in the USA

Warren G & Nate Dog - Regulators

Montel Jordan feat Master P, Silk - Lets Ride

Twista - Unsolved Mysteries

Twista - Tattoo

Trick Daddy f Twista - Could it Be

Trick Daddy f Cee-Lo & Big Boi - In Da Wind

Trick Daddy & Mystical - Tryin to Stop Smokin

Trick Daddy - Boy

System of A Down - Aerials

System of A Down - Chop Suey

Static-X - Cold

Static X - Black And White

Snoop Doggy Dog & Tupac - 2 of Americaz Most Wanted

P. Diddy feat. Twista - Is This The End (part 1)

P. Diddy feat. Twista - Is This The End (part 2)

Outkast feat.Slick Rick - Art of Story Telling

Outkast - Skew It On The Barbie

Outkast - Rosa Parks

Outkast - Ms. Jackson

Outkast - Atliens

Orgy - Blue Monday

Mudvayne - Not Falling

Mo Thugs - Thug Devotion

Mo Thugs - Ghetto Cowboy

Mo Thugs - Low Down

Mo Thugs - Ghetto Bluez

Methods Of Mayhem - Get Naked

Master P - Light It Up

Master P - Hoody Hoo

Ludicris- Whats Your Fantasy

Ludacris feat. Timberland - Phat Rabbit

LSG - My Body

Lil Troy - Wanna be a Baller

Lil' Troy - Loyal to the Sign

Krayzie Bone - Heated Heavy

Krayzie Bone - Thug Mentality

Juvenile - U Understand

Juvenile - I Got That Fire

Juvenile - Back That Ass Up

Jt Money - Hi Low

JT Money - Who Dat

Jt Money feat. Big Gipp - Alright

Goodie Mobb - They don't dance no more

Goodie Mob - Get Rich To This

God Smack - Whatever

Godsmack - Awake

Genuwine - So Anxious

Genuwine & Timberland - Same Ol' G

Genuwine & Timberland - Pony

Eight Ball & MJG - Buck Bounce

Do Or Die - Money Flow

Do or Die Feat. Twista - Sex Appeal

Do or Die Feat. Twista - Po Pimpin'

Do or Die Feat. Twista - Still Po Pimpin'

Do or Die Feat. Twista - Paper Chasin'

Coolio -1,2,3,4

Coolio - Fantastic Voyage

Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise

Coolio feat 40 Theives - I'll See You When You Get There

Coolio- Too Hot

Choppa - Choppa Style

Busta Rhymes & Twista - Break ya Neck (remix)


sumone Veteran
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Dec 29, 2003
Speakin of twista and the chi-town undergound scence:

- posted up - wildstyle, ec illa, thirdshift

- rpm - rashawnna, twista, ludacris

- the one - ec illa

- * ADRENALINE RUSH - twista

- emotions [and remix] - twista

- * feels so good - twista

- game recognize game - twista [legit ballin']

- get it wet - twista

- korrupt world - twista

- * overdose - twista

- yall my nugz - twista

- victory or death - twista

- * unsolved mystery - twista

- gang way - twista, shife *****z

- * cold blooded - triple darkness

- payback is a... - triple darkness

- * RECKLESS - dawreck of triple darkness

- wicked streets of chi - triple darkness

- code of the streets - triple darkness

- dark city intro - dawreck of TD ^, yung buk

- * we gone blast - dawreck of TD

- * CHOP UP THAT PAPER - triple darkness

- you wanna blaze - snypaz

- * do whatcha wanna do - psychodrama

- * magic [and the remix] - psychodrama

- chicago - psychodrama

- funky boots -psychodrama

- don't stop -psychodrama

- * shot in the dark - psychodrama, triple dakrness

- * P.S.Y.C.H.O.D.R.A.M.A - psychodrama

- the whole nine - [NOT garbage azz capone]

- they luv dat -

- * SEX -

- run - legit ballin fam

- * FRONT PORCH - twista, legit ballin fam

- I gave you me - infamous syndicate [the 2-female group rashawnna from disturbin the peace was in, in the c-h-i]

- west side - infamous syndicate,

- * po pimps - do or die

- * smoke and ride - do or die

- sparkin - do or die

- still po pimpin [and remix] - do or die, twista

- victory - do or die

- you already know - do or die, e-40

- * sex appeal - do or die, twista

- we are here - do or die

- *** that's my car - do or die, johnny p

- menage trois - do or die

- beyond the surface - do or die

- one more way to die - do or die, ec illa

- * do u - do or die, twista

- bomb on contact - do or die

- * WALK WIT ME - da smart

- *** desperado - crucial conflict

- to the left - crucial conflict

- the bidness - crucial conflict

- scummy - crucial conflict

- roll somethin - crucial conflict

- 2 bogus - crucial conflict, 3 6 mafia

- * airplane - crucial conflict, do or die

- * ghetto queen - crucial conflict, rkelly

- padded room - yung buk

- flux - psychodrama

also, any of that chicago-style jukin' sh*t

if I was someone who had cable/dsl - I'd find every one of these songs...though I doubt you'd find 'em all on the internet...



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Jan 1, 2004
wow you guys have some free time that's for sure. and dbfan187 you have an obsession that you need to cope with. the broncos won't do anything unless elway comes out of retirement. face it, time for a new coach eh.



Supa's mom was here!
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Jan 21, 2003
Poolside with Supa's mom.
Obsession, NO! Just have some demons that need to be exercised! I'm sitting here waiting for the K.C. vs. Indy game to come on. I have this bean bag doll of Peyton Manning that I'm going to use as a Voodoo doll!

Next year Plummer,Portis and co. will win the S.B.!



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Dec 25, 2003
If you want bass that'll blow your mind try the Bassgasm CD. Nothing better to test your speakers out with than a good bass CD. It'll give you lows you won't find in rap of any artist.


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