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Apr 27, 2009
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Yes there is.

Portland Car Audio and Vancouver Car Audio Car Audio Installation Company.

Our new company is finally up and ready to go. We are currently still shopping for a great location. Its a toss up between Milwaukee, fourth plain, and Gresham. However we have an entire team to do all your mobile installs needed.

All people have to do is simply give us a call set up their install and we come out to you. So instead of wasting your time sitting in a shop you can set up an install at work, home, or somewhere else. We accept major credit cards, and cash.

Our prices are lower than any of the competitors out there and all our staff is fully qualified and we do not hire anyone right out of high school.

I made another post for its own section. Any questions? Just give us a call as its the best means to contact us our post on our myspace page.



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Jun 4, 2009
salem oregon
u know i have known jerry and his crew since 84 or 85 when he was on 25th st. they are the top if u want spl and their products are not over priced. as for the type r subs . the earthquake subzero it would only take 1 . to blow ur type r 's totaly away . u need to go in and jerry to put a set of really cheap subs in the box me and him call the rhino box i cover it in rhino lining. and put ur alpines up again that box and see how they do .


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