Android Auto connection dropping at certain volumes?

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My 1st experience with this issue was my wifes car with a Kenwood head (brand new after market head at the time). When she turned the volume up past disconnected the android auto. Now, my wifes system isnt quite as BIG as mine, just 2 pair of separates, 2 12 subs & 2 amps. Mine is similar, just an upgraded alternator, Lith ion battery & better amps & speakers. (I know...shitty of me to do that).

So I changed my head unit from a pioneer to Alpine iLX-407. Picked it up from my installer today & within 300 feet of leaving (sounds THUMPING of course) I got the Android death. Turned around & went back to him. FOR THE LIFE OF ME...we can NOT figure why we have this issue. Difference with my wifes system & mine...I didnt even have to go up to 25!

I thought of: bad cable? no, loose connection? no because if I pull the USB & plug it back in, works for a while (longer if my volume is lower) then ..."Android Auto stopped working.

Anyone else have this issue? If so, how did you resolve it? I LOVE the android auto features, reading & replying to text for me, maps, all that good stuff. I am going to contact Alpine tomorrow...but could use an idea or fix or two.


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On mine, the issue is my old phone (G7 thinQ). When I traded it under warranty, it worked great. That is until it auto updated the OS to whatever candy name is the current one is at. Then it failed exactly as the traded phone did. IMO, TMo and friends just want me to get new phones. Not a phone fanatic, so I just put up with it.


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I will bet it is a poor quality cable that is too long. I also had issues back in the day. I learned that the cable causes many issues with Android Auto. Stay 3 feet long or under and use a premium quality cable. Android Auto is picky as can be in that regard.