Alt for 13,000 watts


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Yeah, I missed that. It's a really simple way to get to that answer too, and I was surprised nobody up to that point said how. OP (and everyone else who finds this), can get there with whatever they want to figure out now.
Many on this site are capable of math, but don't think math outweighs experience.

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If you wanted to just get as loud as you can you might consider just buying some shitbox van or large SUV you don't care about and doing a flat wall. You'd get louder with more space, you won't be destroying your nice vehicle, and much of the gear you buy can be put into another vehicle down the road.
Well I’m going to be listening at a reasonable level while driving but want the potential of getting loud if I want to.

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I think one of you is guessing.

For an alternator
13,000 watts / 14.4v = 902 amps.
You need to know your amps efficiency which you would divide by. If your amp is 85% efficient,
902 / .85 = 1064 amps Thats 1064 amps ON TOP of what your vehicle needs without the stereo. If the factory was 220 amps, then plan for about 1300. Did I see you can get a 320amp alt, then get 4 of those.

Not sure about your amp if that was peak, or RMS. Not sure of if you are planning for peak or what kind of music, or other variables. You can do caps, and cut back. There are just some details missing to figure out the best option.

For a battery, 13,000 watts / 12 volts (if you plan on listening to this at that level with the engine off) = 1083 amps. Then again divided by (point percentage). If 85% then 1083/ .85 = 1274 amps. I don't know AGM batteries, but I think its somewhere around 300-400amps discharge. Which would mean you would need to plan for 3-4 alternators, and 3 batteries if you plan on driving it. Four or more batteries if you want to listen to it while the engine is off. (I would plan for four alts, and then caps if you are getting voltage dropping at hits. Just because I'm betting you're going to have to buy a alt bracket that costs about half the price of a fourth alt. Not something I would want to buy a 3 alt bracket, belt, and then start adding caps, when you could buy a 4 alt bracket in the first place).
So I like metal with lots of bass and rap.
with rap I like lows. With metal I like a hard hit. ( pounding)

amp: I like the crescendo bc 6k. Not sure on the efficiency level.

I’d be Listening while thinking the car. ( driving around etc )

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