Alpine X-Series.

Mike.j.k Newbie
Sep 18, 2020
Hazelton, B.C
I have x series subs, amps and speakers and was wondering what would be a good head unit would be for the system? Is a dsp something that I should invest in? I'm a noob. This is the first good system I've ever bought. Price is not a factor as long as the value is there.

Thanks in advance.

hispls Veteran
10+ year member
Sep 10, 2009
Central Maine
Sony RSX-GS9 and Pioneer stage 4 dex-p99rs are about the top dogs out there as far as premium build quality and high end powerful digital sound processing built in. Alpine and Kenwood may have comparable offerings but I'm not familiar with their lineup there. The pioneer has been around a while and last time I went to a big SQ gathering, about half the guys were running them, the other half using lesser ones + enough outboard processing equipment to add up to about the same price. The Sony is a bit newer on the market but it should be in line with that as far as quality and features.

Whether it's "worth it" is pretty subjective, but if you want the processing power to really dial everything in for reference level sound you'll need to buy one of these flagship models or something else mid to high tier and drop a good bit of money in ourboard DSP/time alignment.

For what it's worth, the Alpine type X have been top quality speakers for quite some time now and their amps should be solid as well, so your current equipment won't be a weak link, now it's up to you to do a sound install and add DSP as needed.


Senior VIP Member
Jan 10, 2012
If it were me, I would get a head unit (I prefer double din) with at least 4v pre out and get a dsp. It will take time to learn and tune but you could have great results. Please go active, you won’t regret it.

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