Aftermarket alternator with stock style battery ?

AshleyOU Newbie
Jul 6, 2020
Looking at a mechman, singer, or DC alternator for my car. Planning audio system later this year. It will be a daily setup so not going crazy on the wattage.

My last setup I did Singer alt and replaced the battery with an AGM. I just replaced my stock battery a few months ago with a non AGM battery. Since the new alternator will greatly surpass the amperage I need is it okay to stick with Duralast battery I just bought ?

I know AGM are typically better for car audio but in my situation would it even matter much ?


Senior VIP Member
May 27, 2015
irvine, ca
should be fine if you are going to power your stereo with engine on. Otherwise if you forget and try to demo car off it will zap your battery pretty quick and regular lead acid aren’t meant to be drained down. Aka it may not recover.

AshleyOU Newbie
Jul 6, 2020
Any other opinions on this ? It was my understanding that AGM is good for when you have to pull straight battery but should I technically be fine since my alternator will produce more power than what I plan on pulling ?

OldFartAudio Well Known
Jul 20, 2020
Lewisville, TX
It should actually be better for the battery because the battery shouldn’t need to provide any current to the amplifier. If an amplifier draws more current than the alternator can supply the battery makes up the difference. Using a HO alternator should take a load off the battery which should help it actually last longer.

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