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I'm new to car audio in general and new to this forum. Well, I've had loud music in all my vehicles but this is my first complete makeover/install of an entire system. I'm 50 years old and recently my wife asked me if I'd ever grow up... I decided now's a good time to build a tune system in my Jeep. I'm keeping the cost of this first build down for now, but I'd like to show you all what I'm building and I'm open for suggestions and advice. I'm currently struggling to decide exactly how to connect the HU, amps and speakers... I'll get to that, but first...here's what I have and what I've done so far. If I'm not following forum rules or if I'm out of line in any way, please let me know. I come in peace. Here's a pic of my Jeep and a list of stuff I'm installing. I'll add more photos in the comments. Thanks for looking and if you have any suggestions (besides buy better speakers/components/etc) I'm open to suggestions. I already completed "the big 3" upgrade knowing I'll probably need a larger alternator soon enough. I'll jump to the comments now for the build progress.
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What all do you have going in or wanting to go in? Possibly wanting to add that you do not have? Those vehicles induce quite a bit of Road noise for sure. Im in my 50s, nothing better than riding and listening to your music that you enjoy along with the vehicle. Id rather do that than sit and watch a tube..(Grow Up).. LOL 😂

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Current equipment list getting installed:

Alpine UTE-73bt head unit with power pack amp
Alpine KTP-445A Head unit power pack
SKA7EQ equalizer (maybe, I'm not convinced I want it installed yet)
SKv2-200.4D to power 4 tweeters and 4 mids. 2 per channel and the speakers are
SKAR VX35-ST super tweeters (2 per channel using channels 3 & 4)
SKAR FSX8-4 component loud speakers (2 per channel using channels 1 & 2)
RP-1200.1D to power 2 Subs wired in parallel. The subs are
VD-10 D4's

This is the core of the system. The speakers are mounted in and overhead soundbar and the subs are behind the rear seat. (see pics) Additionally I have two 4x6 kickers in the dash and two 6.5" Polk Audio DB651 speakers that I'm considering keeping up front for a little balance in sound, but that is one of the reasons I'm here. Having issues incorporating them.


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Here's how I mounted the sub amp under the driver's seat. It's a nice fit. Trying to keep everything hidden and rain ready...the head unit power amp is under the steering column and I'm undecided about the 4 channel amp but it's currently going under the rear seat. I ran 1ga wire to the center console into a distribution block then stepped down to 4 ga to power the two amps. The same size wire for the grounds. I put a bolt in the same console area in the floor, by the distribution block, and connected the grounds to it and it's connected directly to the frame and chasis.


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Here's a couple more pics. I better get back to work for awhile, but in the mean time the questions I have and/or problem I'm facing is the connections from the head unit. Here's my line of thought (very possibly not the best line of thought) but since I have the head unit power pack I thought I could keep front speakers installed giving a little sound from the front and front top since they're getting a little power from the head unit booster amp. I actually moved the OEM soundbar forward by the rear view mirror and put this bigger soundbar in it's place. So the HU has the wire harness with amp connected and two polk 6.5" and two kicker 4.6" speakers attached to it. The remote wire is split and feeding the amps individually. The RCA outs are: Front L&R go to the 4 channel amps CH1 & CH2 and the Rear L&R go to CH3 & CH4. The sub out RCA's go to the RP sub amp. The 4 channel amp speakers are wired in pairs. Two 8's to a channel and two tweeters per channel. Wired each so they're reduced to 2 ohm. and the subs are wired to 1 ohm. The speakers and the amps are wired per recommendations from SKAR. I have the system hooked up and running like this currently. However, I have only been playing it at a very low level to break the speakers in (if that's really a thing, if not oh well it's music while I work on other stuff like adding sound dampening panels all over the interior). It's working, but I don't think it's gonna work this way necessarily? I have never tuned an amp let alone set the gain with a multimeter. I intend to do that before I attempt high power. But I've been experimenting a little and those front speakers connected to the harness seem to be stealing more power and/or priority than the rca outs and the amps as intended. I thought I could adjust the speakers up front with the head unit settings (LPF etc) to keep them from distorting and utilize the amps settings for the rest of the system, but I think I'm mistaken? Audio adjustments made are being spread to all speakersand even when I experimented by unhooking the speakers from the harness leaving only the line out rca connected amp speakers, the system is giving resources to the wire harness. So this is where I need advice. Thanks in advance, and again I apologize if this isn't the right place.


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So this is where I need advice. Thanks in advance
TBH, that is too many speakers for just a pair of 10" subs. The Skar 6.5s and tweeters are very efficient and can get super loud on moderate power. I would forgo the DBs and Kickers OR two of the 6.5s. Set up one 6.5 in each corner with the tweeters in the front. If the tweeters are too bright, try them in the back. Setting them up this way allows you to fade to the rear for a better soundstage.
Now I wonder if the Alpine HU may be enough for the Skar pro speakers. You may even have one amp too many.
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