98 Z28 amp and wires set up ???


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I have a 98 camaro Z28 and am setting up a crossfire amp and JL sub. But I'm lost about how to set up the amp. I'm buying it from a friend and he said it has wires to splice into the speaker wires with rca connectors on the other end for the amp. But where should I run the wires from the head unit and what all do I need to run? I want to hide the amp...but where would the best place be for this? I'm thinking underneath the right quarter panel with the spare tire...if I can't find room for it I'll just take the spare tire out. The car is too heavy anyways, lol. And this will protect my amp from anything I throw into the trunk and anything that rolls around in the trunk.

Also I found an open connector that's taped up (from the factory) by the left rear speaker. It has six wires running into it, three look similar to speaker wires, and the other three are thicker. I'm kind of thinking this factory monsoon system was already set up for an amp and sub, but I'm not for sure that's what these wires are for?! I'm stumped! And nobody else seems to know what it is for or that it was even there! PLEASE HELP!


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Hey buddy....I dont know how to tell you this.....it aint easy to put a full system in an fbody car. i jus got mine totaled out...but thats besides the point...there really is no easy way to hook it up....i had my amp screwed to the back deck...two 10's in the trunk and a 15 that sat over the hump in the back seat....it took alotta plannin and time to do it all tooo....if u were closer to me id say pay me $15 and id do it 4 u....but ur too far away

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